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Every week. All. Season. Long! 

Starting Wednesday June 26, 2024 you'll receive 12 full weeks of our lush, premium field grown flowers. The BEST of our harvest. You can expect to see familiar summer favorites along with some beauties you're gonna want to get to know.

Large specialty zinnias, pollenless sunflowers, colorful celosia, long lasting snapdragons, frilly marigolds, elegant lisianthus and so many more! And the flowers don't stop as summer winds down. The blooms keep coming with bright,long stem marigolds, textural grasses and greens, fall foliage, amaranthus, celosia and, the queen posy herself, DAHLIAS! Guaranteed to be fresh from the field and heart achingly beautiful.

Keep some for yourself or gift them to friends. JUST ENJOY! 

Flower subscriptions make great gifts for someone special, especially for those you know that "have everything."


Gifting a subscription: If purchasing as a gift, please note the recipient's name, recipient's mobile phone number for text reminders, and delivery address if applicable in the notes section. We promise not to contact them until two weeks before their subscription begins so as not to ruin any surprises! We will e-mail you a printable gift certificate after your order is placed so be sure to include YOUR e-mail address in the order confirmation section.

*Subsciptions will be picked up or delivered on Wednesdays or Fridays. See Pick Up/Delivery Details.
*Individual Delivery Area is limited to the Northland within these boundaries:
North of 152 Hwy
South of 116 Hwy
East of 169 Hwy
West of 69 Hwy

2024 Full Season Flower Subscription - 12 Weeks

  • Our premium bouquets are a fresh seasonal variety of locally grown blooms. As a subscription holder, you are guaranteed the first and best blooms available. Our subscription bouquets are wrapped in hand stamped kraft paper and are perfect for a desk, kitchen island, or dining table.

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